How do I pray to God?

God loves you. Before I talk about how to pray I want to emphasize on the love of God. The bible says in John 10:10 it is the thief that comes to steal and kill, but Jesus came that you might have life. This means that when bad things happen it’s not God’s fault. The first thing you should know about praying to God, is that prayer is simply talking or communication with God. In the book of Luke Jesus tells his followers that Men are to always pray. Luke 18:1. The other Key factor in praying to God is realizing that God already knows the problem or issue you are telling him about.

Do you know him?

John 1:11 He came to his own, and those who were his own didn’t receive him. Can you imagine coming home and your family not letting you enter the home that you grew up in? whether it is your parents, sibling, aunts or uncles home. I guess this might make you feel like the one’s you love don’t love you back. The crazy thing about this scenario is that we treat many people that we claim to love the same way. I know that doesn’t mean you don’t love these people in your life, but sometimes we have a funny way of showing it.

Photo Shoot.

This Saturday we has a lot of fun taking pictures for the website. It's amazing how fast the temperature changes as the sun sets. Our original time for the shoot was 3pm. We had some set backs and did not start until 4pm. In that one hour time frame the temperature dropped big time. I went from warm and sunny to windy and sunny. As you can see in some of the photo's the models were very expressive with there pictures. I was amazed at how well every one came together without any rehearsing. I think I might have a career in photography. Just kidding!!! Stay tune for more blog post.

The Beginning

ObeyGod 4 life is almost complete. This is the first blog post. We are very excited about the launch of this site. Please stay tune for more of our blog post.