John 1:11 He came to his own, and those who were his own didn’t receive him. Can you imagine coming home and your family not letting you enter the home that you grew up in? whether it is your parents, sibling, aunts or uncles home. I guess this might make you feel like the one’s you love don’t love you back. The crazy thing about this scenario is that we treat many people that we claim to love the same way. I know that doesn’t mean you don’t love these people in your life, but sometimes we have a funny way of showing it. Is there anyone you love that you could spend more time with or simply give them a call to see how they are doing? Who in your circle can you focus more on to show them that you care?Do you believe in God, the trinity, the whole resurrection thing? Do you consider yourself to be a Christian? If you said yes I am talking to you.

We are all called to follow Christ, which is essentially Obeying God (OG) there are many actions that need to take place in order to receive him. Yes I said actions, because it doesn’t matter how we feel. We are spiritual being and our body is natural and we are living in a natural world therefore many of the things required to build a fruitful relationship with God won’t come to us naturally. We must realize this small fact and focus on God and his PURPOSE for our life. Everyday due to our actions and thoughts we aren’t receiving God in our lives. True you might have gotten saved but that was only one action. Many of us never take further actions to foster this new found relationship, to allow the power of God to build itself within you. Therefore essentially we too are treating the spirit of God the same way people treated the son of God in John 1:11.
Take a moment right now not in the name of or because of the OG movement but in the name of Jesus dedicate a moment to him and read the entire chapter of John 1 and watch what he does for YOU in John 12.