God loves you. Before I talk about how to pray I want to emphasize on the love of God. The bible says in John 10:10 it is the thief that comes to steal and kill, but Jesus came that you might have life. This means that when bad things happen it’s not God’s fault. The first thing you should know about praying to God, is that prayer is simply talking or communication with God. In the book of Luke Jesus tells his followers that Men are to always pray. Luke 18:1. The other Key factor in praying to God is realizing that God already knows the problem or issue you are telling him about. God wants us to form a relationship with him, but he needs our permission to intervene is our lives. So when it comes to praying the first step is simply talking to God. The second step is ask God whatever you want. The last step is to thank God for the things you talk about and believe that you receive them.