“Whoever publicly acknowledges me I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” Matthew 10:32

Obey God. Is empowerment through Jesus Christ. At ObeyGod 4 Life Apparel Ministry, Inc.(OG4LIFE) our motto calls us to a higher sense of purpose.

  • Obeying God is a way of life.
  • Obeying God is a way of branding ourselves as Children of God by our very actions.
  • Obeying God is a way of uniting humanity – all ages, genders, and races – by encouraging one another to honor God through obedience.

Perhaps you’re exactly where God wants you to be – OG4LIFE will encourage you to stay on track and bolster others around you. Or maybe you’re struggling to find your way to God – OG4LIFE will remind you to keep going. Whatever, your circumstances, our goal is to be a voice for you, your family and friends, Even the strangers that you will encounter today. The message: The best place to be in life is in obedience to God. This is not about perfection, but a lifestyle.

At OG4LIFE, we take this call to action seriously. Our primary goal is to be a blessing to the lives of the people, ministries, and charitable organizations we aim to touch. We want our apparel to increase our ability to give as well as spread a positive message. For that purpose, every shipment that leaves our warehouse, big or small, goes with a covering of prayer that our apparel will be a blessing and encouragement to those who receive it. We want our work to honour God from the very start.

OG4life.com supports the Love Haiti’s Children, orphanage. There are 16 beautiful children at this orphanage. With the support of others, we can assist them with some of the necessities they need.

By simply registering and purchasing a product from our website you become a member of “This Way Of Life” So become a part of the OG movement today.

Be Obedient. Be Transformed. Be Blessed